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In the Governor’s Council on Climate Change “Taking Action on Climate Change and Building a more Resilient Connecticut for All: Phase 1 Report, Near-Term Actions” (2021), the Equity and Environmental Justice Working Group recommended that Connecticut:

Develop, launch, maintain, and use a statewide environmental mapping tool that provides a visual representation of the spatial distribution of environmental and climate health vulnerabilities across Connecticut, taking into account the social determinants of health and utilizing indicators. Make recommendations for how the statewide environmental mapping tool could be codified and utilized in existing state programs, including the distribution of grant and bond funding. Launch a public-private interagency effort as part of the 2021 phase of the GC3 to develop the tool.

In partnership with and with funding from the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP), UConn CIRCA is developing the Environmental Justice Map. Learn more about the background here.


  • CT EJ Mapping Tool presents at CEEJAC
    On May 22, 2023, Dr. Yaprak Onat, with the Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) presented the CT EJ Mapping Tool in draft form for community feedback for the Connecticut Equity and Environmental Justice Advisory Council (CEEJAC). To learn more about the CEEJAC please click here. 

Ways to Participate


We hope you’ll be a driving force in making this Environmental Justice Map the best it can be! It needs to be fair, accurate, and community-driven. We have so much ahead in the coming months. Please email us, apply to join the Mapping Tool Advisory Committee, send in your comments, sign up for the Resilience Roundup, attend the workshops, etc.

More details are available on our Engagement page.