Mapping Tool Advisory Committee (MTAC)

The primary role of the MTAC is to represent different interests that contribute to environmental justice including health, transportation, racial justice, education, and more and be partners in the refinement of the tool and its contents.

Individuals and community-based organizations active in environmental justice work or related work in Connecticut were invited to apply to the MTAC in Fall 2022. The MTAC application process was developed by CIRCA staff in collaboration with an external grants advisory committee consisting of experts from universities, state and federal agencies, and community foundations.

CIRCA and the grants advisory committee reviewed a very strong pool of applicants and selected the following participants to join the MTAC in November 2022:

  • Operation Fuel
  • Groundwork Bridgeport
  • Cathy Fletcher, Bridgeport
  • Tayarisha Batchelor, Windsor
  • Alexis Torres, New Haven
  • Reginald Saint Fortcolin, Bridgeport