Environmental Justice Screening and Map Examples

Five Key Lessson from EJ Mapping

“Five key lessons  [learned from state practice in EJ mapping and screening]:

(1) Addressing cumulative impacts is a core strategy for advancing environmental justice, and this is embodied in EJ mapping tool development.
(2) Guiding principles for successfully developing an EJ mapping tool can be articulated.
(3) EJ mapping tools can help facilitate resource investment to promote health and sustainability in environmentally overburdened and disadvantaged communities.
(4) Emerging EJ mapping efforts provide a useful, straightforward, and replicable model that future EJ mapping development at the state and local government levels can emulate.
(5) Progress in advancing EJ at the state level, including EJ mapping tool development, has come from the combined efforts of communities, academia, and government.”

citation: Lee, C. (2020). A game changer in the making? Lessons from states advancing environmental justice through mapping and cumulative impact strategies. Envtl. L. Rep., 50, 10203.